Why Toenail Fungus Ain’t as Good as it Used to Be

The fungus or nail fungus is something you may have already found or, most likely, someone around you may get infected if you do not. Due to foot fungus, only in Europe, 23% of people become victims of foot fungus or nail fungus, in East Asia, about 20% of the population suffers from the fungus.

According to reports, about 14% of people suffer from this fungal infection. The same reports suggest that this fungal infection can usually lead to around 50% of nail diseases. In this article, we will discuss:

What is the type of fungus on toenails?
On the other hand, what are the symptoms of mushroom fungus or fungus on the nails?
What are the risk factors that can cause fungal fungi?
What precautions should be taken to keep your nails clean and clear?
How is it diagnosed if it has fungal fungi on the feet or not?
We will also discuss what treatment you can take to get rid of your nails?
First things first, what is all about manicures?

Usually, at the beginning, you will see the nails bleached, yellowed or tilted like a screen. You will find the discoloration of your nails. Most of the time, your nails can become brittle. In addition, it may appear or feel thick as well.

In some cases, the shape of the nails begins to change and, therefore, may also begin to cause injuries. In the end, after the color of the nails changes, the nails become brittle, thick and painful, and the nail can be separated from the roots of the nails.

According to research at the National Biotechnology Information Center, the toe or big toe is often affected by fungi. Fungi usually begin to appear on the front or tip of the nail. According to the research, it is very rare that the fungus develops at the base of the nail. However, if this happens, it usually means that you have a very weak immune system.

A weak immune system can cause your health to deteriorate as a result, and this can make you vulnerable to chronic diseases. The weak immune system can actually be the result of taking medications after following the transplant process. Therefore, drugs can make the immune system weaker.

Mushrooms can also develop only on the surface of the nail or the infection can spread to the toenails as a whole. This type of infection is called white surface nail fungus.

Although toenail fungus is not something that should concern you, since it does not cause any chronic health problems, says research at Harvard University, but a presence can actually make the appearance of the nails not be attractive and somewhat unattractive.

Risk factors to obtain fungal fungi
The factors that usually cause this injury are the following:

According to the research, the most common factor in people who develop these fungi is due to aging. 18.2% of the people are these patients older than 60 years. On the contrary, only 0.9% of people at an early age, less than 19 years old, become victims of this infection.
The same research says that the incidence of fungal infections in the nail is three times higher in men than in women. The reasons for this difference are very vague.
The genetic factor is also among the reasons that can be the cause of the fungus fungus. This may be due to the fact that people born in those families with nail fungus may be infected.
People with diabetes can already get this infection. However, in diabetic patients, the infection can really play a good role in keeping pace with the development of any diabetic foot syndrome or even foot ulcers.


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